Wedding Day Details

HEY! I'm fizzing at the tip to photograph your awesome wedding! It would make my day heaps easier if you could fill in this form pretty please *bats eyes* . It's super handy to have these details on paper and makes sure that I'm all set to do the best job of capturing your wedding!

Brides name *
Brides name
Grooms name *
Grooms name
Please enter both ogf your cellphone numbers as well as the numbers of the best man & Maid of honour ( Incase you don't have your phones on you during the day) and any other numbers you feel I might need.
Ceremony name & address
Please mark the best man with an * if applicable
Address & Name if applicable
Please mark MOH with an * if applicable
Address ( and name if applicable?)
Do I need to pay special attention to it?
Name & address
We need to make sure we are ready mentally for any surprises, messages or poems at your ceremony. All speakers must use the microphone please. No mic, no sound.
If you have a family photo list biggest to smallest.. write them here. Take note that these take time about 2mins per group. Have a family captain from each side of the family that knows everyone and is abit bossy, as I take group A, I want group B ready and so on.. that way its nice and fluid and time effective :).
it'll only be 15mins but the best 15mins of your day ( I fizzzzzzzzz at golden light. Like a redbull loaded fairy)
Any particular rare-specimens that I should keep an eye on just in case they light up into super- sayan mode on the d-floor? That you wish to embarrass int he future?
Are you going to re-enact dirty dancing? or are you more of a sway and smooch couple?
Which of my weddings stood out to you most? and why?

Can you email me the run sheet of the ceremony and the reception also please.